Corporate Sales & Divestiture Services

Considering the sale or divestiture of a division of the company?  Or your entire company? We can help you structure a deal that returns the highest valuation with the best possible terms to your shareholders.

RBI Advisors can:

  • Help you determine your business and personal financial and strategic goals.
  • Assess the potential market value of your company via financial evaluation and comparable transactions.
  • Coordinate the process with outside legal and financial advisors.
  • Prepare a detailed transaction memorandum to attract buyers and partners, providing information on your company.
  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy that encourages competition among those interested in your opportunity.
  • Identify and contact qualified prospective, strategic and/or financial buyers.
  • Assist in structuring a tax-efficient transaction.
  • Facilitate the due diligence process, gathering all necessary information and documentation. Manage the transaction negotiation and closing.