You Know Where You Want To Take Your Business… Let Us Help.

What’s the secret to starting and building a successful business?  Obviously, it has a lot to do with vision, creativity, talent, perserverance, commitment, time and a great deal of hard work.  You’ve got that formula down, it’s instinct.

But what happens when its time to take your business to the next level – or in a new direction?  How do you refine your business model so that you can compete with world-class players… build an infrastructure that attracts, retains and motivates the resources necessary to propel future growth… gain access to the capital and strategic partnerships neeeded to implement these changes all while limiting the risk to your personal net worth?

Well, that’s where the formula gets a little more nebulous.

Some of the most successful business leaders have wrestled with these same challenges.  Like you, they either didn’t know where to begin, when to act, or they simply didn’t have the “bandwidth” to focus on the future because the current demands of running their business kept getting in the way.  So they called us.

At RBI Advisors we’re in the business of bringing these goals and objectives to fruition for clients just like you.  By utilizing our extensive contact base and research capability… the diverse experience and geographic reach of our partners… and a best-practices philosophy, we create opportunity for our clients through high-level advisory services that address four key areas:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Growth Capital & Debt Placement
  • Sales & Divestitures
  • Growth Planning/Restructuring

We’re Not Your Typical Investment Banking Firm… Here’s Why.


First, we hire only senior deal makers, no learning curve here.  We’ve spent years cultivating our expertise at Wall Street firms, blue-chip corporations, top-tier banks, major accounting firms, and fast-track companies.

Our Managing Partners & Directors have a minimum of 20+ years of financial advisory experience… giving you the benefit of their seasoned views on finance and industry specific issues that are relevant to businesses like yours.

Focusing on senior talent allows us to aggregate, develop and leverage solid relationships with key industry players who could prove invaluable in moving your agenda forward.

It also give us tremendous insight and allows us to stay abreast of trends and particulars that are unique to your industry.  Perhaps most importantly, our experience and knowledge enables us to give you accurate and informed counsel on the feasibility of your objectives.


Another RBI Advisors difference is our approach to client service. We selectively limit the number of engagements we take on so that we may give you a higher degree of attention and service than other firms provide.

You can expect RBI Advisors to spend a considerable amount of time getting to know you, your business and the critical success factors that will take you where you want to go.

We’re also very selective about the opportunities we bring to the table for your consideration.  Your time is best spent running the business, and we’re sensitive to that fact.

You can be certain that any scenario we suggest has been carefully examined, falls within the parameters collectively set, and is in your best interest and worthy of further review relative to other opportunities and options.