Acquisition Services

If you’re interested in growing your business, and internal growth isn’t sufficient to meet objectives, then consider strategic acquisitions.

The experienced professionals of RBI Advisors M&A, Corporate Finance group can help you with the entire process from “A to Z”, or provide just the services you need.

RBI Advisors M&A practice offers the following acquisition services:

  • Develop merger/acquisition criteria that best represent your needs
  • Analyze existing capital structure and assess the economic impact of the transaction
  • Arrange for transaction financing
  • Identify and evaluate targets
  • Determine preliminary valuations and formulate initial offers
  • Structure transactions and write the Letter of Intent
  • Negotiate purchase price and terms
  • Take a lead role in integration planning
  • Provide complete due diligence services
  • Facilitate the definitive document creation and modification process
  • Assist with the transaction negotiation and closing